What is an eco boiler?

There are two main types of eco boilers, the Condensing Boiler and the Biomass Boiler. Both are engineered to increase efficiency and therefore reduce harmful emissions.

The condensing boiler

Condensing boilers are powered by gas and/or oil and can be split into three subcategories:

combination boilers

heat only boilers

oil boilers

Condensing boilers reuse heat from the burning process and preheat all water entering the boiler. The process is more efficient because the heat is recuperated from the combustion process as water vapour and condensed into a liquid. Unlike traditional boilers, condensing boilers come in a range of different sizes and only need regular maintenance.

The biomass boiler

Biomass boilers operate by burning renewable organic materials and wood to produce heat. Dissimilar to fireplaces and old wood-burning stoves, modern biomass burning stoves are more efficient for water heating needs. Additionally, automatic biomass boilers are able to control the amount of fuel and air that is used, making them even more efficient. This boiler requires a large amount of storage, both for the boiler itself and to store the organic materials used as fuel.

Is it time for you to change over to an eco boiler?

If a qualified technician advises you to replace your boiler, then you should consider opting for an eco boiler. Why? There is little doubt that green boiler technology leaves a smaller environmental footprint and saves energy compared to older boilers.

The overall benefits of eco boilers

Reduced emissions — Green boilers make it much simpler for experts and engineers to follow emission guidelines. These boilers are designed under stringent measures to protect the environment and the end user.

High efficiency — Modern technology used for producing green boilers ensures that users get the most out of their boiler systems by minimising heat loss and improving heat transfer.

Greatest fuel-cost savings — Eco boilers do the same amount of work but use less fuel than traditional boilers. Producing the same amount of power while limiting spending on fuel, in the long run, ensures lower heating bills. According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new energy efficient boiler will save you up to £350 a year by shrinking your energy bills.

Ingenious innovation and design — Advancements in engineering and design have allowed for the production of smaller boilers that take up less space for installation, and are created with green technology at the forefront. Eco boilers recommended by Which? in 2019.

Eco boilers recommended by Which? in 2019

Greenstar CDi Highflow by Worcester-Bosch

Vortex Pro: Internal Combi by Grant

EcoTEC Plus Combination Boilers by Vaillant

Vitodens 100-W Combi Boiler by Viessmann

Logic+ Heat Range by Ideal