Combination boilers, or “combi boilers”, are the most common boiler in the UK. Having been installed in over 70% of homes, they are a firm favourite among the British population. In this article, we describe how combi boilers can help to reduce your carbon footprint…

What makes combi boilers particularly useful is their ability to instantly heat water from the mains as soon as the shower or hot tap is in use. This makes them incredibly efficient. On top of that, they are also simple to install and maintain. As well as not requiring an additional water cylinder or tank, they can function on a variety of fuel sources making them versatile.

As far as boilers go, they are some of the most eco-friendly heating devices in the industry. Be that as it may, you could argue that even the most capable boilers can only be so effective. Like most appliances, they rely on their owners in order to work optimally. So we’ve put together some basic tips and guidance that will help make the most of your combination boiler, as well as reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

1) Check, check and check your boiler again.

Do you know how often your boiler should be checked? Roughly, it needs an inspection by a qualified gas engineer once a year to check it’s not only in good working order but also producing energy at maximum efficiency. Keeping your boiler working at maximum efficiency will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

2) Timing is everything.

It’s tempting to leave your heating on 24/7. But if you leave the boiler simmering away for every minute of every day, your heating bill will go through the roof. Set your heating on a timer so that it’s on when you’re home and off when you’re not.

Try setting it to activate twenty minutes before you need it and twenty minutes after you leave the house, or head off to bed. This way you’ll save endless energy, as well as hundreds of pounds a year.

3) Turn the temperature down.

It’s vital to make sure you are always warm enough, but if you can accomplish this with a woolly jumper instead of switching the heating on then you’ll be doing your carbon footprint a huge favour in the long run. Even turning your thermostat down on your boiler by just one degree cuts fuel consumption by up to 10% annually.

4) Keep an eye on your radiators.

Do you need to heat all the rooms in your house? What about that spare room you never use? By the side of your radiators, a dial will control how much heat emanates from them whenever they are switched on. If you turn this down in the rooms you don’t use, it’s less hassle on your combination boiler, which means more money in your pocket.

So to recap, a combination boiler is already a highly powerful heating system, which works extremely hard to keep the home free of any serious cold spots. However, in light of the current energy shortage, it’s important to use energy smartly. By making homes more energy efficient, this will help all of us avoid feeling hot under the collar from increasing bills and environmentally damage in the foreseeable future.